Gallen hopes QPR can keep ‘quality’ Johansen

Kevin Gallen says Stefan Johansen is the loanee he would most like QPR to sign this summer.

Charlie Austin has made a big impact since returning for a second spell at Rangers, while Sam Field and Jordy de Wijs have also impressed.

Austin is a huge favourite among fans and Johansen has been outstanding since arriving from Fulham.

Former Rangers forward Gallen was joined by West London Sport’s Dan Bennett, Ben Kosky and Ian McCullough.

They discussed the defeat at Rotherham, manager Mark Warburton’s team selection, Lyndon Dykes’ recent form and which areas need to be improved for next season.

They also discussed which of the on-loan players they would choose to sign if they could only bring in one.

Gallen said: “The fans’ choice is Austin. And that would be a good signing because it gives the fan base such a boost, especially hopefully when crowds come back.

“But for me, I would go for Johansen because I just think he’s a quality player.

“He’s fit and he’s got a good few years left in him. His consistency – I don’t think he’s been lower than a seven out of 10.

“He can see passes and he can release the ball at the right time. He’s a good all-round player.”

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