Fulham captain Cairney to see specialists as knee problems continue

Fulham captain Tom Cairney is being sent to a number of specialists about his persistent knee problem.

Cairney, who recently turned 30, struggled through the first part of the campaign after picking up an injury during a pre-season friendly.

But he last made an appearance for the Whites on 19 December, against Newcastle.

Cairney faces at least a few more weeks on the sidelines – and boss Scott Parker is concerned.

“He’s struggling a little bit at the moment, Tom,” Parker said.

“He’s got an ongoing issue and it’s becoming a little bit of a problem really, so we’re going to refer him and get to see some specialists and get an opinion on that.

“I don’t foresee Tom being around for probably a few weeks from now at the earliest, and I probably won’t have a clearer picture on that until we really get some information back from some specialists.”

The affected knee is not the same one Cairney injured during the 2017-18 season.

And at this stage it does not appear that he will have surgery.

“I don’t think it’s going to be the option,” Parker explained.

“We just need to manage the pain, strengthen that area a little bit and see where he is.

“But at the moment it’s proving a bit too painful and we need to work out whether there’s other avenues we can take to speed up the process. We’ll go from there really.”