Fulham boss Parker admits to ‘ludicrous’ superstition

Eagled-eyed Fulham fans will have noticed that Scott Parker has worn exactly the same clothes to every winter match this season.

Same short padded jacket, under-jacket, grey trousers and burgundy shoes, which makes it easier for anyone needing an archived picture of the head coach – they’re all the same.

Parker admits he is very superstitious, although declined to expand on his list of lucky charms and habits for match days, apart from his stylish apparel.

He said: “I’m very superstitious when we are on a winning streak. It’s not just the clothes, it’s a lot of things.

“I wouldn’t want to say some of the things because it is quite ludicrous and people would think it is insanity.

“Socks, shoes and belts – there’s a lot of general thought processes along the way. It’s a bit crazy.”