Parker calls for EFL Cup to be postponed if Covid crisis drags on

Scott Parker believes the EFL Cup should be postponed next season if Covid-19 restrictions are still in place. 

The Fulham head coach will be forced to play a mix of first-team players and reserves when the Whites meet Burnley in the FA Cup on Sunday as he juggles his options.

Fulham have two massive Premier League fixtures against Brighton and West Brom next week, and the head coach has already made plain where his priorities lie.

Forced to play a rearranged match against Tottenham at only 48 hours’ notice, Parker has been playing catch-up with illness and fixture congestion.

“If ever there was a valid case for that (postponing the EFL Cup) it would be this year, because of the situation we are in with a full fixture list in the league”, he said.

“I was brought up on the FA Cup with big shocks. It’s not the same now and we all recognise that from my generation, but games like Tottenham at Marine and lower league teams like Crawley beating Leeds are what this competition is all about.

“But it is difficult because we are having to prioritise competitions which are relevant and it’s a juggling act really.

“Everyone is managing the best they can and we have got all competitions, which we all want. I don’t think for one second we would want to dilute that, but at the same time in this climate it is something to look at.

“I’m sure the people who make the decisions are looking at it.”