‘Good chance’ Eriksen will stay at Brentford

Thomas Frank has joked that he will give Christian Eriksen “a hug and a kiss every day” if he stays at Brentford. 

The Bees boss could manage Eriksen for the final time on Sunday against Leeds, with the midfielder having joined on a short-term deal in January.

Brentford are likely to face stiff competition to keep him this summer but Frank reiterated his belief that they have a good chance of extending his stay in west London.

“I would love to say 100%, but I’m convinced that there is a good chance that he’s wearing the Brentford shirt (next season),” he said.

“I’m telling him that I will give him a hug and a kiss every day if he stays. I’m not sure that it is going to work but I think there’s no doubt that he lifted the way we played.

“I still back ourselves. I think the way we play, our environment, the role he’s given is also giving him the opportunity to flourish and play the best game he can play.

“Of course he can also do that at other places but you can’t be as sure. There will always be a risk.

“For me, I still think he would be extremely ambitious by playing for us and being the main guy that can run the show.

“The way I see it for us, it’s a win-win. He helped the team, he gave something to the fans they’ve never seen before at this level and we helped him get back to his football life again.

“For Christian, it’s a win-win. Either he signs with us and everybody is going to be happy and the fans will build a statue of him outside the stadium in two or three years’ time, or he goes to a bigger level and the fans will applaud him and we will all say thanks for this time and go forward. Let’s see.”