Warburton: QPR must stop giving away penalties

Mark Warburton admits it is “inexplicable” that QPR have conceded five penalties in four games.

Manager Warburton has steadfastly defended his players.

But they have been told in no uncertain terms that they need to cut out the silly mistakes.

“It’s a little bit of naivety but it’s also inexplicable,” Warburton said.

“I’ll always defend our players – always – but they know they have to take responsibility.

“They were very soft penalties to give away and it makes it so hard for yourself.

“You look at the impact it had against Preston and Barnsley. You can be in control of a game and the whole dynamic changes.”

Rangers were in control against Cardiff before Yoann Barbet gave away the first of the two penalties which led to the Welsh side coming back from 2-0 down.

Barbet also scored an own goal at Barnsley and has been guilty of a number of costly errors during his time at QPR.

But Warburton flatly rejected any suggestion that he might feel particularly frustrated with Barbet given that the Frenchman is the most experienced defender in the back line.

“No. You can’t do that,” Warburton insisted.

“Did the man come off the other centre-half? Did we allow him to turn? Did we communicate with our full-back?

“Those are all of the various things. You can take a penalty incident back as far as you want to go back.

“If you’re going to do that, you’re going to pick up on two, three, four or five other players ahead of Yoann.

“He might be the one forced into a last-ditch tackle because the job’s not been done by another individual.”