The ‘three Ps’ Cifuentes says will be the foundation of QPR’s style of play

New boss Marti Cifuentes says he will make “the three Ps” – possession, pressing and positioning – the foundation of QPR’s style of play.

Speaking at a press conference following his recent arrival in west London, Cifuentes explained his vision of how he wants Rangers to play.

The Spaniard said: “There are what I call the three Ps.

“You use possession as a tool and use the ball to move it and create the chances, to create gaps.

“We will try to have good pressing when we don’t have the ball, because we like to regain the ball quickly to create chances.

“The last one and perhaps the most important is positioning. As long as we have good positions on the pitch then we’re going to get better situations on the ball to execute the actions.

“These will be the foundations. We want to be a brave team that wants to attack and if we score a goal tries to chase the second one.”

Cifuentes has inherited a team which has lost six matches in a row and sits one off the bottom of the Championship table.

His reign will begin at Rotherham on Saturday and Steve Cook is expected to return after a hamstring injury, but Jake Clarke-Salter remains sidelined.