QPR boss eyes new signings ahead of Nottingham Forest opener

QPR manager Mark Warburton
QPR manager Mark Warburton hopes the club are able to complete a couple more signings before Saturday’s Championship opener against Nottingham Forest.

Warburton is keen to add another defender, a midfielder and at least one more attacking player to his squad.

“There will be a couple more if we can,” he said.

“If the right players become available at the right price, which is key in the current financial landscape, and we can get those players, then we will do.

“A lot of work is being done to get those bodies in. But it’s not easy.

“There are a lot of people available, but it’s about getting the right people who can add quality to a good squad. If we can do that, we will do.”

Warburton admits uncertainty caused by Covid-19 has made it tougher to do business.

He explained: “It’s really difficult in terms of where the financial landscape is and where the dust will settle after Covid.

“What is the value of a player? What’s the value of a player in terms of the basic wage and value in terms of transfer fee?

“With these type of factors we suddenly have a whole new landscape.

“It’s important that players and agents have realistic expectations. People have to give a little bit – on all sides – to try and get the right players over the line.

“If you can, you do. If you don’t, you have to keep your eyes and ears open.”