Parker sets record straight on Fulham transfer targets

Fulham fans might have got the wrong end of the stick when Scott Parker commented about transfer targets on Monday night.

Parker had just been told that Tony Khan tweeted an ‘apology’ for the performance in the 3-0 defeat by Aston Villa and the director of football’s failed attempts to bring in a pair of centre-halves.

Head coach Parker has since made plain his displeasure over the ‘performance’ part of the tweet, and was misunderstood by plenty of supporters when he added: ‘“I wouldn’t know. I honestly wouldn’t know.

“I think the people in the places to be at this football club make them decisions.”

It led many to believe Parker was in the dark over transfer targets.

Not true, Parker says.

“I know the targets,” he explained.

“They’ve been the same targets that were put to us.

“About what’s happened (to the failed attempts) – I don’t (know). And to be honest I’m glad I don’t.

“The majority of my energy has to be on the team.

“The pool in which we are fishing is quite small due to a number of things and therefore our targets are limited.”

Khan had tweeted: “We’ve looked to add centre-backs since Wembley, I’m sorry we haven’t yet as 2 got COVID + we lost a Free we thought was close + had another issue with a 4th CB. I promise players in + better efforts from this squad.”