QPR keeper Lumley at ‘pivotal point’ of his career

QPR keeper Joe Lumley
QPR goalkeeper Joe Lumley has told the Doncaster Free Press that the January transfer window is a “pivotal point” in his career.

Lumley is currently on loan at Doncaster Rovers, having lost his place in the Rangers side to the in-form Seny Dieng.

His contract expires at the end of the season and QPR have discussed a new deal for him but would be open to offers from clubs.

“January is a pivotal point in my career to see where I am,” said Lumley, who has made two appearances for Rovers since a two-match loan spell at Gillingham.

Lumley, 25, has plenty of Championship experience, having made 74 league appearances for QPR.

A series of errors led to him being ousted from the team by Dieng, who was on loan at Doncaster loan season.

But Lumley says he has learned from the experience and retained his self-belief.

His ultimate aim is to play for England.

“Last year was a big learning curve for me. I was in and out of the team and I made a few mistakes,” he said.

“I try to take the positives out of that where you learn from those mistakes and you mentally get yourself stronger.

“For any footballer, but especially as a goalkeeper, you’ve got to be mentally strong.

“I had a coach tell me once that you’ve got to have rhino skin. You have to be so thick-skinned.

“Last year was a tough year but a massive learning curve where I learned a lot.

“This year, with whatever has happened with the contract at QPR, it is what it is but I just want to keep developing.

“My ambition is to play for England. Any English goalkeeper, that has got to be their ambition.”