QPR boss Warburton urges officials not to be influenced by loud appeals

QPR manager Mark Warburton has urged officials not to be swayed by loud appeals from players.

Warburton believes key decisions have gone against his side this season because referees have been influenced by noise from the opposition – including when a penalty was awarded against Rangers at Norwich this week.

He said: “As managers we’re asked to act respectfully and professionally, in a disciplined manner.

“We do that. And I keep asking fourth officials: ‘What do we get for doing that?’

“Others can holler, scream and shout and there’s no benefit for acting in the right manner.”

The issue has been particularly evident while fans have been absent from matches.

Opposing sides have been noticeably more vocal towards the officials than Rangers.

Warburton added: “There’s got to be a balance here. It is very frustrating. Empty stadiums seem to promote a case of the loudest shout wins it.

“You can’t be shouting and screaming when it’s obvious it’s not your ball. But teams do it.

“Everyone has to try and improve and hopefully that will be the case in the weeks and months ahead.”

Meanwhile, there continues to be speculation over the future of QPR winger Bright Osayi-Samuel as the transfer window approaches.