Holloway in the dark over Wszolek’s injury

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Ian Holloway said he was unable to establish the nature of the injury Pawel Wszolek picked up during QPR’s defeat against Norwich.

The Pole went off during the first half at Carrow Road, where Rangers were beaten 2-0.

And manager Holloway revealed that the language barrier meant he was in the dark over what the problem was.

He explained: “It’s the weirdest thing. I don’t know, I’ve got to be honest.

“We were trying to get it out of him (what the injury was). We even asked his Polish friend (Ariel Borysiuk) and I don’t think he wanted to come off.

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“In the end, someone walked past him in our box so I had to take him off.

“He was saying he wanted to stay on but it’s not about him wanting to stay on, it’s about him being injured.

“He was apparently shouting in Polish that he was alright. But if you’re injured you can’t stay on.

“God knows what it is. I’m struggling to get it out of him. I’ll probably find out more on the coach home.”

Rangers created chances and defended well until a lapse led to Norwich scoring the all-important goal.

“A lot of our defending was good, but that wasn’t good enough,” Holloway admitted.

“Then after the second goal we looked almost defeated and I don’t want to see that again. You’ve got to keep going.

“We had chances, but did we create enough with the possession we had? Probably not.”