Holloway on Lynch, Robinson’s injury, style of play and his plea to QPR fans

A rundown of QPR manager Ian Holloway’s comments following his side’s win against Sunderland on Saturday at Loftus Road, where Ebere Eze’s goal gave Rangers victory.

Eze’s goal

“He smacked it in the bottom corner – beautiful goal – and he makes it look easy.

“We’ve managed to grind out something. He’s managed to finish off probably one of the hardest chances. I’m so delighted he’s gone through and stuck that in the bottom corner.

“We managed to dig in there. It wasn’t the prettiest, but we’ll take that and I’m delighted the young fella is showing why I’ve put faith in him to get me a goal.”

Seeing an improvement

“When I first came here they would fold like a pack of cards because the group wasn’t right. Now the group’s right.”

The aim for the rest of the season

“I want to get as many points as we can get and I want us to keep fighting. We’re about four change-of-performances – or getting a goal that we should have – away from being towards the top. That’s getting on my nerves.

“I want these young boys and the other ones to show me that we are closer and better than we think we are.”

How he wants QPR to play

“Because they’re so young, when Nedum’s got it or Robbo (Jack Robinson) has it they’re (other players) are not making the right angles so they get a little bit caught.

“The crowd (then get anxious), but wait a minute – it’s not their (the players’) fault. We’ve got to keep working at it, because I want to be a possession team.

“And when you’ve got Ebere, you can’t keep hitting Matt Smith on the head because it’s a battle then.

“We’ve got to work it into him (Ebere) and he’s got to learn how to get it more.

“A change of formation and the space is in a different area and they don’t know that yet. But I’m loving what they’re doing.”

An injury to Jack Robinson

“It was a terrible dead leg. Someone smashed him in the thigh and that is a bleeding bruise that’s in there and he could hardly walk.

“He’s going to be doubtful for Tuesday because it was a really bad impact.”

Joel Lynch’s performance

“Lynchy coming off the bench was magnificent – like he’s been there all his life. Wow. That’s the focus I want from him.”

A message to the fans

“I’m delighted with the crowd, because we didn’t play very well, we didn’t get the right shape that they played and it caused problems – we thought they would be 3-4-3.

“We didn’t get booed off, when lots of time you would here, and in the end we saw a young kid’s talent get us something out of nothing.

“Some of the talent I see every day from these young fellas is frightening and to do it in a Championship game when you need to isn’t easy.

“What I need is the fans to stick with us, because in some games that stardust won’t show.

“It did in the end, but it won’t sometimes because of the age of them and we need to stick with them. No-one else is doing it (playing youngsters) and I’m delighted we are.

“Our fans are creating an atmosphere around here that our boys are thriving in. Thank you. Thanks for your knowledge and for your understanding.

“And I believe you’ll get benefits from that in the future.”