Holloway on his future, Sylla, the need for width, Cousins’ injury scare and QPR duo’s weight loss

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Ian Holloway spoke about a number of issues after his side’s win against Bolton on Saturday. Here’s some of what the QPR manager had to say.

Holloway on the performance against Bolton

“We were professional and we did what we needed to do. I’m delighted with that.

“Even though we didn’t get what we deserved in the first half, we still kept going and we looked dangerous.

“Hopefully our fans will go away feeling happy and feeling that actually that wasn’t bad.

“The performance today I thought merited a pat on the back for my lads because I thought they were professional.”

On apparent edginess among the home fans

“You could tell by the atmosphere in the ground; it’s QPR day and we’re all driving in looking at the table, thinking about the points and ‘oh my god, what if we don’t win, what if they beat us’ – you know what it’s like.

“I’m just delighted that this team at the minute, even with the young kids around it, we were professional and did what we needed to.

“Because I know QPR, I’m delighted that the fans will have a little smile and think ‘Wow, that was good’.”

Bolton manager Phil Parkinson’s verdict: “Loftus Road is a tight ground, the crowd are on top of you and Ian Holloway’s jumping up and down appealing for everything and having a go at the ref at half-time. At half-time, Ian was waiting for the ref. I said to the ref: ‘Don’t get influenced by that’ and I thought he was. You need strong officials and we didn’t have them.”

On the sending-off of Bolton’s Mark Little

“We were all screaming and shouting at the referee today. They were, we were.

“It’s not easy being a ref. I’m glad I’m not one. I tried it in training the other week and I was absolutely useless. You’ve got to run with whatever they do.”

On the tactics after the red card

“What I was pleased with was that we used the width this time. I put three up front and had Luke Freeman out there (on the left).

“I felt sorry for Bidwell (who came off) as he was doing well, but it’s all about the team and what I’m delighted about is that he took it in the right way.

“You still need to use that width and create chances and we managed to do that.”

On Joel Lynch’s apparent weight loss

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“The club, we’re trying to change the way we approach things. We are bringing things in and I think it’s really important that everybody understands that.

“There are certain standards that I will live to and Les (Ferdinand) wants to live to and we’re imposing that on the team.

“All you want is for them to respond – and I’m telling you I’m delighted with the response we’re getting, so Joel Lynch has got a massive thumbs-up from me.

“I’ve always got people fitter than they’ve ever dreamed of being and they normally play better when they’re fitter.

“You don’t get tired as early and you don’t get mistakes. Why do mistakes happen? Sometimes through a lack of knowledge, sometimes a lack of technique and sometimes through a lack of fitness because you’re tired.

“It’s all about bringing things in that will help and I believe we’re doing that.”

On Matt Smith also losing weight

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“I’m delighted with Matt because I’ve been working him – we’re bringing him in earlier than everyone else.

“We feel he can get a lot fitter than he has been before. He’s feeling the benefit of it.”

On the future

“It’s a long process. Hopefully I’ll be here a long time, but I’ve got to earn that right. As long as they (the players) do what I’m asking then hopefully our fans will go away feeling that isn’t bad.”

On James Perch and Jordan Cousins

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“Perch has struggled to get over two injuries he’s had last week and Cousins has had a bad week in that he was feeling something again, we sent him for a scan and there was nothing, and then he was ill on Thursday.

“So I decided to not have those to in and (instead) move on with those I had here today.

“They’ll be in tomorrow (Sunday) and we’ll have a good look at where they are.”

On Idrissa Sylla

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“He’s coming on well, he really is. He was coming back and then he tore it (his calf again and it blew up.

“He’s been out on the grass and he’s developing again. He is getting better.

“We’ve lost Mackie, Wheeler and Sylla and they’re big players for us.”