QPR ‘in a better place’, says Warburton

Departing QPR manager Mark Warburton believes the club are in a good position to build on his three years at the helm as he prepares to sign off at Swansea on Saturday.

Rangers announced last week that Warburton’s contract would not be renewed at the end of the season after the club slumped out of the play-off places.

Although the 59-year-old admits it’s frustrating not be able to continue in his post, he is proud of the progress the club have made since his arrival and said the soon-to-be completed new training ground at Heston will be a huge step forward.

“I think I have been transparent but in a respectful way, but you feel a frustration, because you build a squad and it just doesn’t happen, it takes time,” Warburton said.

“But there is a spine of a very talented squad, if you look at the likes of Rob Dickie, Jimmy Dunne, Yoann Barbet, Seny Dieng, Chris Willock, Sam Field – there is the spine of a good team.

“But I will clear my desk today, we’ll finish the game and that will be it. That is how football works, from point of view I have to make sure everything is done here appropriately and professionally and that is it.

“I think the club is in a better place. The work environment here is good, but there is lots that can be done undoubtedly. But from my point of view I hope the supporters and staff can see that progress has been made.”

Although the results of the last two months have been hugely disappointing for the club and ultimately cost Warburton his job, the former Rangers, Nottingham Forest and Brentford boss said his predecessor is walking in to a good environment to work in.

“I am very conscious of what has happened over the last eight weeks or so but I think over three years a lot of boxes have been ticked,” he said.

“I was asked in my second interview: ‘How would you be judged?’

“It would be crowds turning up in the home stadium it is because they are enjoying what they are seeing the crowds increase.

“Not just from a revenue perspective, but if the fans are enjoying watching their team play then we are all in a better place.

“Some of the very kind comments I have received from supporters would suggest a strong support for that.

“It’s been a good journey and you want that good work to carry on.

“For me I hope the club can push forward, the new training ground and the smooth transition towards it will be a big part of that.

“But to keep doing that you have to keep reviewing and driving forward because everyone will move past you otherwise.”