Parker wants Fulham to take risks against Liverpool

Fulham players have been told to take risks and “show” a good deal more against Liverpool on Sunday than in the one-sided defeat to Manchester City.

By “show’”head coach Scott Parker means players being in space ready to receive a pass.

Parker made it plain his troops were initially unwilling to shoulder responsibility in the 2-0 defeat last Saturday, but improved a tad in the second half.

“Against the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City you’ve got to get in a couple of passes – and that’s easier said than done,” Parker added.

“You’ve got to show for angles, but against one of the best counter-press teams in the division, that’s hard.

“We took more risks in the second half in players wanting the ball in areas that are risky, and we managed to get a little bit of a foothold.

“You need to understand you’re at your most vulnerable when you have the ball against these teams like Manchester City and Liverpool.

“They turn it over, and in three passes they can hurt you. But at the same time, if we play through those moments in can give you a foothold in the game. That’s what I want from my team.”

Fulham players will take a knee before the game in recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Scott Parker was unequivocal in his support for the gesture that spawned huge, unending debate since last weekend when Millwall fans booed their own players doing the same.

As a result, Lions and QPR players held up an anti-racism banner instead before their 1-1 draw on Tuesday, although Rangers players then took a knee.

Parker said: “Yes, we’ll be taking a knee. We’ve been doing it the whole season so that won’t change”.