Parker says he has yet to speak to Fulham hierarchy

Scott Parker says he is yet to talk with Fulham co-owner Tony Khan about his or the club’s future.

The Whites suffered relegation for the second time in three seasons on Monday, and are left with three games with nothing to play for but pride.

Not only will Parker’s own fate be decided when he finally sits down with man who runs the club on a day-to-day basis, but also the collection of loan players and others in the squad.

“I’ve not spoken to Tony or the ownership,” Parker said. “Not had that conversation yet.”

When he does, the head coach will no doubt want to discuss the factors which led to Fulham’s downfall.

“We need consistency. Every year a different team – that will hinder long-term success and we need to look at that, and we need to work out whether what we’ve done over the last four years has been right,” he added.

“We always knew this year was going to be a challenge; the youngest team in terms of Premier League experience and the money we spent – around £10m.

“You only have to look at what at what the teams that have gone down have spent.

“The performances have been disappointing, and although we’ve got points out of 17 games this season, it’s been the fine margins that have cost us.”

Fulham are away to Southampton on Saturday.