Parker: No comparison between Fulham and West Ham’s relegated team

Scott Parker says the feeling at Fulham is different to his relegation with West Ham as a player.

The Whites head coach went down with Saturday’s opponents in 2011 and reckons he’s using the sobering experience to good effect at Craven Cottage.

“I didn’t have the feeling of what I feel here,” he said. “I didn’t have the feeling of what I feel every day on the training field, which is my main gauge.

“You guys (media) will make their judgements on the results like everyone will and I understand that.

“But I see this group of players every day. I see the challenges we faced early on and where we needed to get to and I see a constant belief.

“When you lose football matches, and confidence is down in football squads, the first place you see it is on the training ground.

“That’s lack of energy, you’ll often find in-house bickering or problems inside the squad due to disappointment, people not happy with certain issues.

“The whole demeanour of players becomes very negative. I experienced that first hand as a player in a relegation team. I don’t see that one bit here.”

Parker revealed there was a “brutal” pre-season discussion at Fulham in which he demanded players face up to the reality of constantly being in or around the relegation places.

“I realised at the start of the season that this season was going to be a challenge for us,” he said.

“It was clear – whether we liked that or not. That was the pure honesty of it from finishing fourth last year in the Championship.

“We’ve stepped up to the league with a young squad. We needed a fighting chance and we’ve certainly got that. That needs to be maintained.”