Lampard says he knows the best position for Havertz

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard says he knows Kai Havertz’s best position and the German’s role will become clear once he reaches full fitness.

Havertz played wide on the right on his debut against Brighton and was then used centrally against Liverpool – and Lampard has said the 21-year-old’s versatility will be a big plus this season.

But the Blues head coach said he has a role in mind for when Havertz and the team are more settled.

“I have my own ideas about him where I see him, but I think the main point at the minute for Kai is getting him fit,” Lampard explained.

“He is heavily – like the squad – in pre-season mode. Because of the situation, we aren’t in a position where we can bring in back-up players for big levels of money that we can wait and integrate them into the team.

“Kai has played in various positions through his career. He has played as a number eight and as a number 10 and he has played a lot on the right-hand side for Bayer Leverkusen last year.

“He has come here to be a huge talent for this team and we just need to get him fit and ready and then I think the position will be very clear.”

Meanwhile, recent signings Thiago Silva and Ben Chilwell are in the squad for Wednesday’s Carabao Cup tie against Barnsley.