Frank confident Bees will end goal drought

Thomas Frank is convinced Brentford will end their mini scoring drought very soon after their second goalless draw in a row, this time at Wycombe.

The Bees have only scored five goals in their past five games – with three of them coming at Luton.

But the Bees boss said: “I think we have created enough chances in the season so far and you can see that Ivan (Toney) has scored a lot of goals for us.

“Of course we like our wingers to produce more, but I 100% back them.

“Bryan Mbuemo was fairly unlucky today – hitting the post and a great save – and we just need those others to chip in with goals and I’m 100% sure it will come.”

Frank explained the scenes after the final whistle when players had to be separated, and he had words with referee Lee Mason.

“Ivan and a Wycombe player were involved in pushing both ways and we just tried to keep them apart,” he said.

Frank added that he told the referee he felt there should have been more time added on after Wycombe slowed down the match, but said he did not think that was responsible for the result.

He explained: “Everyone wants to see a faster game. It’s not that we don’t want to see different styles and different strategies – that is fine – and there are different ways when you can take your time.

“But especially on goal-kicks, that should be a clock like a chess watch – bang, stop it until the ball is in play.”

Frank had been calling for the introduction of five substitutes in the Championship and got his wish this week, but only used three in this game.

“I will use five subs when I think it’s the right thing,” he said.

“It’s also a little bit about the times on the bench so if we went up 3-0 then 100% I would use all five of them, but it could also be to win the game I’ll use all five subs, but tactically (today) it was not the right thing to put all five on.

“It’s important to know this is the first game out of many games, so when we are building up and more games will come, then I’m pretty sure you will see us use all five subs.”

Frank also confirmed Brentford only had eight subs on the bench instead of nine because Ethan Pinnock suffered a dead leg in training on Friday.