Frank a fan of Brentford’s quirky kick-offs

Brentford have been trying a new type of kick-off recently and manager Thomas Frank admitted he is enjoying it.

It involves whoever is taking the kick-off playing the ball back to a team-mate in the centre circle, who flips it up and then launches it as high into the air as possible as deep as possible in the opponents’ half.

Frank said: “I personally think that football is a kind of entertainment and it is good to do something different.

“Sometimes kick-off routines are so boring, with teams always doing the same thing, so we are trying to do something new.

“It hasn’t been perfect and we need to do it a bit better. It is very difficult to defend a ball coming down from the sky.

“We hope to create something and do it differently and everybody is talking about it and it’s why you are now asking me about it – I love that.

“One of my coaching staff came up with the idea.”

The Bees have used the kick-off routine for the past few games and used it once again as they started the second half of Saturday’s 2-0 win over Watford, but the ball ended up going harmlessly into touch on that occasion.