Where Can I get a Sports Odds API and Results?

Sports betting has been around for decades. Even though it is not a new concept, the potential for people to win money at sports events has always attracted gamblers. One thing that hasn’t changed over these years is how hard it can be to find a reliable and easy-to-use API to get real-time odds and results from any event you want. 

What Is a Sports Odds API?

A professional sports odds API retrieves current sports betting odds from several providers and feeds them into your application. It saves you from the hassle of requesting these services individually and pulling the sports odds data yourself. The other important reason is that many of those services delay updating their odds, which can be as long as 10 seconds. You don’t have to worry about it with sports betting API, as it takes care of everything.

Some of the best sports betting APIs can even accept in-play bets from the public. It means that if you place a chance with your API, only then will the odds change for you to still be able to make money on it. In addition, it allows people to place bets on events as they happen.

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What Types of Odds Are Available?

There are many different types of sports betting APIs out there for various purposes. Some APIs focus on totals, others on markets, and others on outcomes or events. By no means is this an exhaustive list exhaustive of all the sports betting APIs available today. Sports betting API can provide odds on different types of events. They include :

  • Team betting
  • Betting on a specific player or team
  • Betting on the number of goals scored or allowed in a game
  • Betting on the number of points, assists, or steals in a game between two specific teams
  • Games involving two specific teams

Where Can I Get a Sports Odds API and Results?

1: NFL Betting Experts 

NFL Betting Experts is a professional sport betting API that will make your betting life much easier. It is straightforward and gives you access to live odds and results for every NFL game throughout the season. The service is reliable and consistent, providing you with odds, a scoreboard, and more across all games on the football calendar. NFL Betting Experts also allows for in-play betting, meaning you can place a bet on the game being played. In addition, NFL Betting Experts has different subscription plans, so you can always see what fits your needs the best.

2: API Store

API Store is another professional sports odds API available through bet365. The API gives you access to live odds and results for over 500 sports events, such as American football, basketball, and ice hockey. It will update the odds every 2-5 seconds, so you don’t miss a thing. API Store is free and freely available for everyone to use.

3: Betbrain

Betbrain offers a service similar to API Store, providing live odds and results for over 500 sports. The service is provided through a partnership with Oddsportal, meaning you get the best live betting experience. Betbrain is free and easy to use, with different subscription plans available to suit your needs.

4: Oddsmatcher

Oddsmatcher, part of Oddsportal, also offers live odds and results for over 500 sports events. The service is one of the best for all users who want to get up-to-the-second results at a meager cost. There are no subscriptions, so you will only be charged when you use the service.

5: PGA Tour

PGA Tour is a sports betting site that offers live odds and results for professional golfers. The site has over 100,000 golf matches you can bet on, including individual golf tournaments and significant championship events like the PGA Championship and the U.S Open. The service is free and legal for everyone in the United States.

Final Thoughts

There are many different sports odds APIs for you to choose from them. Finding one that fits your needs and helps you get the results you want is essential. Sports betting APIs can provide live odds and consequences of any sporting event in the world and in-play betting options. The easiest way to find a good sports betting API is through a recommendation from friends or other professional gamblers.