How to Place Better Bets in 2022: The Best Tim Harrison Tips

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Now that we’ve entered the year 2022, it’s time for new possibilities and new hopes. To accelerate the process, we’ve interviewed Tim Harrison from BetZillion to share some fresh tips for you. Tim is a gambling expert specializing in the betting paradigm in the UK.

Tim Harrison on West London Sport: Sports Betting Tips 2022

The bottom line for any “sports betting tips” oriented content always comes down to one thing. Helping you, as in the punter, to make informed decisions and, in return, to place successful bets.

Tim wanted to clarify that some of the tips he’s going to share have been shared before. He’s going to reiterate them anyway because those are some of the pillars of sports betting all over the world.

Know Your Market 

Before you can be successful with any venture, you need to know about it. As it happens, the legality of the betting sites is a massive area of concern. So, you must know how to find legal bookies in the UK.

Speaking of legality, you need to look for licenses granted by the Gambling Commission. It doesn’t matter how many other licenses a bookmaker may have. It must be licensed by the Gambling Commission to operate in the UK.

UKGC is one of the most reputed regulatory bodies around the world. While the rules are strict, they’re very operator-friendly at the same time. So, any legit betting site should have no problems applying for and getting the license. If you can’t find it, stay away from the brand.

Focus on Seasonal Events

Sure, bets on domestic markets and year-round events are great. But those are not high-voltage events, as Tim likes to call them. High voltage events have a global appeal, and it results in spectacular odds bookmakers. Take the Winter Olympics in 2022, for example!

It’s one of the biggest sports events in the world and for excellent reasons. Different sports from all over the world gather together to commemorate the athletes. It’s also an excellent opportunity for athletes to represent their nations through their performances.

If you don’t know where you can find the markets or good odds for this type of betting, Tim is happy to provide you with Winter Olympics Beijing 2022 betting sites.

Although no other sporting event is as grand as the Olympics, standalone tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup, Super Bowl, etc., come close. Tim advises keeping your eyes open on different bookmakers when these events are live.

Learn the Trade, Including Lingo 

Just like any other industry, sports betting is evolving consistently. To keep yourself relevant, you need to update yourself as well. Understanding the “Lingo” is very important if you want to succeed with wagering.

By “Lingo,” Tim means the unique vocabulary widely used by the punters and the bookmakers. Because if you don’t understand what something means, how do you plan to utilize it? If you’re still new in the world of sports betting, this should be one of your top priorities.

And even if you’re a seasoned punter and you know most of the lingo, it’s never a bad idea to look for any new trends and terms that you’re not aware of.

Avoid Bias When Betting

This tip took us by surprise. We thought punters knew not to get biased when betting. But as Tim said, punters sometimes develop a bias without realizing it. And when we gave it some thought, we had to agree.

For example, if you’re crazy about football, you have a favourite team and player. Or multiple. When you odds on them at a bookmaker, it’s only normal that you’ll feel obligated to place wagers in their favour.

Here’s the thing, though. Just because they’re favourite doesn’t mean they’ll always win. So, you need to think rationally with your brain instead of relying on your heart because the heart can sometimes cause you pain.

Take Losses Lightly 

Sports betting is one aspect of gambling. And it’s called “gambling” for a reason. Because there’s no way to predict whether you’re going to win or lose so, when you do fail, don’t let it get to your head. Winning and losing are both sides of the betting coin, and you have to take both into account.

Tim says it’s helpful if you take breaks from time to time. When you’re wagering real money, you subconsciously take on a lot of stress. It goes on for too long, and it can take its toll on your mental health. And that’s when you start to make irrational choices.

Trust Your Instincts 

Although it sounds counterintuitive, your instinct is mostly right. Of course, you need to hone your intuition beforehand with hours and hours of research and understanding of the trade. When you’re confident about your knowledge, you’ll feel the instinct kicking in. And when it does, listen to it.

Please do not confuse it with Tim’s tip to avoid personal biases. Having a bias and following the instinct are completely different things. If you can’t differentiate between them yet, you need to spend a little more time with casual betting.

Manage Your Bankroll

Tim wanted to keep this one for the last because apparently, it’s one of the most essential and effective tips anyone can give you. After all, it’s real money we’re dealing with.

The “bankroll” in betting is basically your betting budget. At the very least, it should be separate from your other expenses. Under no circumstances mix your funds. It is the first pitfall for most problem gamblers.

So, now that your bankroll is separated, it’s time to break it down. Most experts suggest 1% as a good starting value. Tim also believes the same. So, if you have a £1,000 budget, you should break it down into £10 units.

Breaking your bankroll down into units helps you keep better track of things. Also, it eliminates the possibility of you blowing all your money on a single bet. As you get the hang of how wagering is turning out for you, you can change the unit value.

Final Words

Succeeding in the sports betting industry is no easy task. Many punters have tried before you. Many will try after you. The key is knowing the right things and applying them at the right moment. You have a huge advantage because you’ve got an expert guiding you in 2022.

Of course, we’re talking about Mr. Tim Harrison from BetZillion, who has shared some amazing tips for making better bets. Just try to abide by them.