Highest Wins In Online Casino History Revealed

Online casinos have been around for pretty much as long as the internet. And gambling has been around a lot longer. But one thing has always been the same from the beginning: punters’ determination to win vast amounts of cash. And some seriously big prizes have been taken from not only Las Vegas venues but online casinos as well over the years.

Mega Moolah – $11.6 Million

The most reputable and trusted online casino sites have all had big winners on their platforms, and what you’ll often find is that many of these big winners have become big winners because of the hit game Mega Moolah. In 2016, Canadian Marcus Goodwin was spinning the reels of the progressive slot title on his smartphone when he was stunned to see that his stake of $1.50 had returned a whopping $11,633,898.44. And, to say he didn’t spin the reels of slot games too often, it certainly shows that you can win big, from a small stake, when you least expect it. Other possible options include www.casino-howto.com for example.

Mega Moolah – £13.2 Million

You’re going to quickly notice that winning big at online casinos happens more often than not via Mega Moolah. And this time, it was the turn of a British soldier way back in 2013. Jonathon Haywood, twenty-six at the time and based in Cheshire, was aware of there being multiple progressive jackpots in Mega Moolah – Mini, Minor, Major and Mega – and he had won smaller amounts previously. But his luck was in this time, as it was the Mega jackpot he cashed, worth a huge £13,213,838.68. And after treating himself, he still went back to work the next day.

Mega Moolah – $19.9 Million

If you haven’t realised by now, the highest wins in online casino history have all come from playing Mega Moolah. But there’s something interesting about this win in particular, which relates to the stake in play. The man, who chose to remain obvious, which makes a lot of sense when you’ve won close to $20 million, was spinning the reels with $0.25 a time. And he still managed to secure one of the largest online casino hauls of all time. So, it shows that you don’t have to bet big to have a chance of winning big; small stakes can return mammoth prizes that could prove to be life-changing.

Mega Moolah – $22.4 Million

The biggest online casino win to date is this one, which was picked up in 2018 and came in at an impressive $22.4 million. And again, it’s another excellent example of staking low and winning big because the man in question here was betting $0.75 per spin. What’s even more telling is that the jackpot prize came in less than fifty spins at $0.75 per spin, so the profit is enormous. It’s clear to see why many casino punters have christened Mega Moolah as the “Millionaire Maker” because its track record of producing wins over the $1 million mark has been consistent for years.