British Football Players Who Have Been Seen Gambling in Las Vegas

Some of the most famous names in British football have admitted to gambling. Some of the athletes claimed that they have lost a lot of money money, while others have hit massive jackpots. So here’s a list of players from the Premier League who have been seen gambling in Las Vegas. Some of them prefer to gamble at an online casino since it is more comfortable, secure, and anonymous.

#1. Gareth Bale

Bale has made himself a millionaire in the eyes of the British public. He’s also been known to hit the tables in Las Vegas with his father and agent Jonathan in tow. Bale has admitted to losing £1 million of his own money to poker in 2015. In his statement, Bale told the media that it was an embarrassing moment in his life. Gareth was previously suspended from British rugby for gambling in Las Vegas. Despite this, he insists that it is not a reason for doing so.

2. Jamie Vardy

There were many successful seasons for Leicester City’s English forward, Jamie Vardy. Despite his professional achievements and successes, the 35-year-old has been accused of gambling in public. He’s also been accused of winning money through his gambling activities.

After a night out with his friends, Vardy was captured in the company of three other players. The video showed the Leicester City player winning and dining in the company of some of his friends. According to ESPN, one of his friends later admitted that they won £10,000 gambling on a football game. Vardy’s friends were caught in the CCTV video at a casino, which should have never happened if he gambled online – in some of the best casinos at OnlineCasinoGo. They were later accused of trying to ‘borrow’ some of the money from the casino. Nevertheless, Jamie Vardy has never publicly admitted to losing money through gambling. 

3. Michael Owen

Michael Owen has also been accused of being a gambler. Owen has lost a significant amount of money through gambling, the Telegraph reported. According to the British tabloid, he lost £100,000 playing blackjack in a casino. In 2011, he lost over £40,000 of his own money. It remains to be seen whether Owen will share his thoughts on gambling with the public in the future. 

4. Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling is a Manchester City attacking midfielder who has achieved a great deal of success this season. The young English player has been in the headlines for all the right reasons this year. The 27-year-old striker has made a profitable move to Manchester City and became the youngest Liverpool player to score 50 goals for his previous club.

Apart from his professional achievements, the athlete has been accused of being a gambler at a young age. It’s common for young players in the United Kingdom to gamble, but this is a different case. Raheem is accused of gambling in his own neighborhood in Liverpool, the Sun reported. Gavin Greig, his friend and neighbor, claimed that Raheem used to gamble at the Merseyside club. “He’s always been the type to go to Las Vegas and to play poker,” the man said.

5. Andy Carroll

The former Newcastle United forward now plays as a striker for West Bromwich Albion. Since the move, Andy Carroll has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The 33-year-old striker has often found himself in the spotlight. This has become a pattern in the career of the English forward.

Andy Carroll has been linked to gambling in the past. It remains to be seen whether the player will be open about his activities with the public, and, despite the online gambling industry is growing, there are no signs of him gambling in online casinos. One newspaper reported that he was caught on camera “hustling” in Las Vegas in 2012. He was accused of losing £30,000 gambling in Las Vegas. Andy Carroll hasn’t admitted to any gambling incidents in the public domain. According to the Mirror, he is “honest” and “clean” when it comes to gambling.

Final Say!

These are just some of the famous football players that have been seen gambling in Las Vegas. Some athletes give preference to online gambling and choose online casino halls; others love to play gambling games in the company of their friends. This only means that playing casino games is popular not only among ordinary people but also among true sports celebrities.