Warburton: QPR owners want to progress but FFP rules make it tough

Mark Warburton insists QPR’s owners will do all they can to back him financially this summer.

The manager recently suggested that Rangers might challenge for promotion next season if they can keep the current squad intact.

But he believes the significance of his comments have been exaggerated.

Some fans on social media saw it as a challenge to the board.

But Warburton said: “I was a bit bemused by some of the headlines.

“I said that we’d be in a good place (if players stay). My comment relates to the fact that we’ll be in a good place if we can keep the players together, and if you can use the market wisely – and be lucky as well.

“The board has always given us the best possible financial support. That’s been very clear from the outset – certainly in my time here.

“Everyone wants the best for QPR and to move forward. But you’re always up against significantly bigger budgets.

“We’re never going to spend £4m or £5m on a player. We just can’t do that.

“So what we have to do is recruit wisely, use the market – permanent and loan – as best as we possibly can and then see where that takes us.

“But (Warburton’s) comments about players; every player in the world has got a price.

“If the price is right to the board and QPR and a club wants one of our players then they’ll move. But it’ll be QPR’s price and not the other club’s price.”

Rangers’ owners have ploughed many millions into the club – sometimes with disastrous consequences.

But Financial Fair Play rules mean clubs face sanctions if they spend beyond their means – essentially resulting in rich owners of smaller clubs having their hands tied.

“It’s based on profit and sustainability, not what an owner has,” Warburton pointed out.

“I see some bizarre articles talking about the Championship’s wealthiest owners. It’s irrelevant. It’s about what owners are allowed to do by the laws of the game.

“It’s not a lack of ambition by any owner. It’s just that they have to adhere to the rules or else there are consequences.”

He added: “The financial landscape has been challenging and will be challenging.

“It’s about using what budget you have very wisely and getting the team as strong as you possibly can for what you know is going to be another very tough campaign for all 24 clubs.

“We’ve got to try and use our budget as wisely as we can and secure the strongest squad we possibly can.

“It’s about looking at what the options are and how we can best move forward.”