QPR’s transfer options limited, says Warburton

Mark Warburton says the prospect of London being placed in tier three because of an increase in Covid-19 cases does not bode well for QPR.

Rangers are among the many clubs to have been hit hard financially by matches being played in empty stadiums because of the pandemic.

With London currently in tier two, 2,000 QPR fans will return to the Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium on Saturday to see the game against Reading.

It was hoped that some supporters returning would be part of a phased transition to more being allowed to attend games in the near future.

However, a tightening rather than easing of restrictions is likely in the shorter-term – and that will affect Warbuton’s budget for the January transfer window.

The Rangers manager explained: “You look at what you might be able to do, but you’ve also got to look at the fact that fans are just starting to trickle in.

“It’ll be great to see them, but financially it’s probably going to cost the club money because of security and everything else.

“The club’s not got that money coming in, so the financial landscape is very, very tough.

“There’s serious talk of tier three coming to London again. You hear that with a lot of fear and trepidation.

“January will be one of seeing what we have available, but the financial picture will remain bleak for a while for a number of League clubs.”

Warburton is keen to add to his squad next month, with at least one loan signing likely.

“As a manager, you’ve got to be sensible. You can ask where you can improve, but it’s a very challenging market,” he said.

“Until we get crowds back in and hospitality, sales and everything you associate with that, I think we’re going to be in for frees and loans.”