Holloway convinced QPR will return to top flight

QPR boss Ian Holloway believes it is simply a matter of time before the club gets promoted back to the Premier League.

Holloway has returned to Loftus Road for a second spell in charge, having been Rangers’ manager from 2001 to 2006.

And he is confident he can repeat his achievements with Blackpool and Crystal Palace, having led both to promotion from the Championship.

“I know we will do it, it’s just when,” Holloway said at his first press conference since his re-appointment.

“I’d be stupid to say it’s this year or next year or the year after, because what’s the point in limiting yourself?

“[But] I know I’ve got Premier League methods – I got 39 points with the worst budget ever [at Blackpool].

“I want to get 40 points in the Premier League one day but I’ve got to earn the right to get there in this wonderful division.”

Holloway also tried to allay concerns about his tactical approach, after accusations his Blackpool side were too open and attacking to survive in the Premier League – and reassured fans he wanted to score more goals at home

“I know enough now to play in different ways – to defend my way to a result [or] to attack my way to a result in this very, very tough competition,” he said.

“I think we’ve got goals in the team and I’d like to try and change our stats at home – 13 goals against and seven for, that’s not QPR.”

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