Beale confirms discussions with Gerrard about Villa players

Mick Beale admitted his was frustrated after QPR’s draw with Rotherham on Saturday (Picture: Ian Randall | MI News)

Mick Beale has confirmed he has had discussions about bringing in players from Aston Villa.

The QPR head coach, who was previously Villa’s assistant manager, told TalkSPORT that he has held talks with the club’s boss Steven Gerrard over a number of players.

“We had a text last night because I’m trying to nab some players off him,” Beale told Talksport.

“He’s got some good young players there, and other managers (want them) as well. He needs a little bit more twisting and persuasion I think.

“The boys there, I speak to them all the time. It’s not just Steven it’s Tom (Evans), Jordan (Colen), Gary (McAllister). I speak to them all the time and I wish them well.

“Neil Critchley has obviously gone into my former role – an unbelievable coach who was obviously a fantastic manager last year.”