Smithies on the verge of signing QPR deal

QPR goalkeeper Alex Smithies expects to sign a contract extension in the next few days.

Rangers believe the new deal could be sorted by the end of the week following discussions with the 26-year-old.

Smithies’ current contract expires in 2018 and he has consistently indicated that he would be happy to re-sign.

“I’d like to think it’ll be wrapped up quite shortly,” he said.

“Things are ongoing. I think there’s been a lot going on at the club with the (pursuit of a new) ground and things like that, so people have been busy.

“I would certainly like to sign a new contract and I believe the club want me to sign one too, so I think everything is progressing on that front.

“Nothing happens overnight in that respect but I’m hoping to get it done. It’s definitely progressing.”

Smithies’ outstanding performances for Rangers have inevitably led to speculation he could be targeted by other clubs.

It was claimed that Aston Villa were keen to sign him during last month’s transfer window.

But Smithies insisted: “I don’t pay attention to it really. I don’t massively read the media.

“People might tell me about things but I don’t take much notice of it – I know when I’ve been playing well and when I’ve not.”