Injured Mitrovic a doubt for the World Cup

Fulham boss Marco Silva says reports that Aleksandar Mitrovic has broken two bones in his foot are “not true” – but is unsure whether the striker will play in the World Cup.

Mitrovic missed last weekend’s defeat by Manchester City and will remain sidelined for Sunday’s game against Manchester United.

Mitrovic sustained the injury while playing for Serbia in September and has been managing it since.

He has been called up by his country for the World Cup in Qatar but Silva says a final decision on whether he will go is yet to be made.

“Let’s see what will happen in the next few days. Mitro has to do a new exam, probably next week to see how he is, but about the fracture – it’s not true,” Silva said.

“It is something in his bone, that’s true, but it is not something broken.

“This is an injury he got with the national team. He got the injury in one game and then after three days he played and probably shouldn’t have played in that game straightaway after the injury he got.

“He lost the game against Newcastle, or part of the game, he lost the game against West Ham as well, and of course we were managing the situation for him to be as fit as he can for the matches.

“I’m not the right person to say now that he will be fit or will not be there. What I know right now is he wasn’t ready for the last match, will not be ready for the next one unfortunately for us, and let’s see the decision that will be made.

“Mitro wants to be in the World Cup, but Mitro wanted to be here on Sunday to play Man United, he wanted to play City last week as well.

“What I can tell you is he cannot be harmed. He cannot be harmed in the future for something that will come from the decision. Let’s see what will happen in the future but we have to wait and to decide between our medical staff and the medical staff of Serbia.

“We as a football club, we have to decide with the Serbia national team, of course with Mitro as well, what will be the best decision. My preference will not be important in this situation.”