Jordan: Chelsea sale can still go ahead

Simon Jordan believes a sale of Chelsea can go through despite the sanctions imposed on Roman Abramovich.

The measures imposed by the UK government on Blues owner Abramovich means his proposed sale of the club is essentially on hold.

However, former Crystal Palace owner Jordan says Abramovich insisting he will not profit from the sale means it can go ahead.

Speaking on Talksport, Jordan said: “There is no reason to stop the sale.

“If there’s any indication that Abramovich gets any of this money, then there becomes a problem. But if they’re able to separate it, they will be able to.

“Abramovich will engage with people who are selling it. The people who are selling it will coordinate with the government. The people who are buying it will make it a condition that the funds they are paying don’t go anywhere near Abramovich. Those three things will meet in a Venn diagram.

“It’s very unlikely that you will stop something being sold if you can control where the distribution of the money is going to.

“It’s not difficult to establish there is no benefit (to Abramovich) if the government have sanctioned it and the government are involved in the disposal.”

The sanctions imposed come as part of a financial crackdown on wealthy Russians following the invasion of Ukraine.

Abramovich is one of seven Russian oligarchs to be sanctioned.

He announced last week that he is looking to sell Chelsea after almost 20 years at the helm.

The sanctions will come into force before the proposed sale of the club is able to take place.

But Jordan insisted: “There has to be a solution for Chelsea. It can’t be Chelsea Football Club that gets diminished.

“He’s already stepped out and said ‘I’m not taking a single dime of that’. OK, so we’re going to hold you to that and we’re going to control the sale process – not you and your advisers.

“There will be no appetite for the government to stop the sale of Chelsea. There will be an absolute doubling down of their appetite to stop any of the proceeds going to Abramovich.

“Those two things will meet in a Venn diagram. He’s not getting the money, but we don’t want to stop the sale.”