Highest RTP Online Football Slots 2022

Soccer and slots have a few things in common. Both games are extremely popular in their class. Football gathers millions of fans around the world in stadiums and on TV screens. No fewer people also play slots in casinos and on their devices. Even in terms of appearance, there are similarities. Football teams have different uniforms, and games have skins with many themes. Yes, we are talking about football slots too. And last but not least is the chances for victory, just as your favorite team has them, so do the slots. In the latter, it is called the RTP rate.

What Does RTP Mean In Slots

To describe it simply — RTP is your chance to win the slot. But it is better to do it on specific numbers. If you do a little research, slots in the best payout online casino Australia 2022 offer an RTP rate of almost 96.96%. This means that after betting 100 dollars, you will receive $96.66 if you win. In order not to mislead you, we will explain — this is only under ideal conditions. RTP is calculated not from one bet, but thousands of spins, and on some bets, the winnings may be larger, on some smaller. It all depends on the number of bets and your strategy.

Where and how to play Football slots

Finding the right online casinos can seem difficult for a beginner. Nowadays, there are a lot of them, of all shapes and sizes. Therefore, if you are living in Great Britain and are looking for the best Irish online casino, just google it. And focus not on individual sites, but on comparison sites with lists. There is all the necessary information to make the best choice.

Once you’ve chosen your gaming provider – one option, for example, might be https://kasynoplonline.com/nowe-kasyna/ – then it’s time to get to the slots. The best part is that you don’t need to download anything, you can play right in the browser. If these are free online slots, you don’t even need to log in. Of course, if you gamble for real money, login and payment information are required. Anyway, let’s go for the best RTP slots.

Super Striker Slot — 96.04% RTP

Let’s start with a simple slot game from the developer NetEnt. The players are given a simple slot with three reels and 5 paylines. But the simplicity hides generous bonuses and the opportunity to go big. If you line up three soccer balls or get at least one golden one, you get free spins. The combination of multiplayer leads the player to the jackpot. 

In addition to spin itself, there is also Easter for football fans. The ability to make bets, although not on the winning team. Bets can be placed on how many times a symbol will appear in a certain number of spins. This high RTP slot is worth your attention.

If you are tired of human football players, then this game is for you. The skin of this slot will take you to a stadium where a crowd of forest dwellers cheers for you. In addition to such a fun twist, 243 pay lines await you.

The slot is addictive not only with unusual animations but also with pleasant gifts. If you manage to get three or more reels with a logo — you get bonus features and a 10x multiplier. Slot machines have never been so fun.

Bicicleta — 96.3% RTP

The next online slot game is not ashamed to be beautiful. Animations and 3D effects will distract you from the fact that you can get 1000 coins with just one symbol. It should be a cup on the fifth reel. 12 free spins are also included. If you have already wanted to play it, the slots at Zodiac Casino are open to everyone. 25 paylines will not play themselves.

Top Strike Championship — 94.99% RTP

One of the favorites among slots players. Let’s move on to the interesting part of this slot — the bonus game. The Golden Ticket takes you to a secret level where you can bet on teams just like in real life. Then all you have to do is guess the winner of the three games and the champion to get a big prize. Definitely a star among high RTP slot games.

Shaolin Soccer Slot — 96.93% RTP

Do you remember the movie about Shaolin football? We have slots with this skin. Collect four monks on the third reel, and all other monks will turn into him. One moment and big wins are in your pocket. Another nice feature of this slot machine is that it is optimized for mobile devices.

RTP of Football themed slots and strategies

There is good news and not-so-good news. RTP in football slots is always high, and the player has every chance to succeed. That is if you are looking for casinos in London to play such thematic online slots — you can worry about other criteria. However, there are no 100% working strategies for slots. It’s just that there can be skills that generally refer to gambling. The ability to correctly allocate time for slot games, the ability to allocate the deposit that you plan to use for bets.

The Final Whistle

The whistle can signal the end of the game or the end of the article. In our case, this is a signal to start your game in one of the offered online slots. After receiving new information, your online casino gaming will not be the same as before.

In my opinion, if you want to start with themed football slots, you should pay special attention to the best online football slots, Hot Shots, and the Top Strike Championship. A large number of pay lines and bonus levels are worth it. The main thing is that we took care of the high RTP on our list. Slot games with high RTP are the best slots.