Mourinho keen for Chelsea to tighten up

Jose Mourinho has revealed that he has been working on the training ground this week to try to tighten up Chelsea’s defence.

The champions have looked vulnerable at the back this season, not least when Manchester City beat them 3-0 the weekend before last.

They have conceded a total of seven goals in their three Premier League matches this season and Blues boss Mourinho is keen to see an improvement in Saturday’s derby at home to Crystal Palace.

He explained: “We did a few things. We did defending with nine men, we also did other tactical aspects to try and improve the team.”

Chelsea defence
Chelsea have struggled at the back this season

But while the spotlight has been on the likes of John Terry, Gary Cahill and Branislav Ivanovic, Mourinho insists Chelsea’s shoddy defending should not be blamed on the back four alone.

“I didn’t just work the defenders, I worked the team because you have to defend as a team,” he said.

“You cannot blame the defenders for the goals conceded, because a good team defends as a team.”