Cahill might need protective mask for another two months

Chelsea defender Gary Cahill
Gary Cahill believes he might need to wear a protective mask for another two months.

The Chelsea defender has worn the mask during matches since taking an accidental punch in the face from Blues keeper Asmir Begovic during last month’s defeat at Manchester City.

Cahill had suffered a broken nose during pre-season weeks earlier.

“I’ve got to wear it maybe another month or couple of months,” Cahill told West London Sport.

“I’d rather it not be there. It protects your nose, which is the main thing, but vision-wise it’s better if it’s not there.

“You put something on your face and you know that it’s there, you’re always aware, so it’s not ideal. But if I got another smash on it, it would be all over the place.

“It [his nose] doesn’t feel too bad but it’s broken in two places. You can’t really see, because it’s not out of joint. The blow at Man City was the one that finished it off.”

Cahill, 29, won his 37th England cap in this week’s 2-0 win against Switzerland at Wembley and is relishing his role as the national team’s vice-captain.

He said: “At Chelsea there are many experienced players – senior internationals who have done a lot in the game. With England it’s a younger group and I enjoy the role.”