Chelsea youngsters are ‘here to stay’ – Lampard

Frank Lampard is convinced Chelsea’s youngsters will rise to the challenge of keeping their places if new players are brought in.

The Blues’ transfer ban being lifted means Lampard can make signings next month.

But the Chelsea manager does not believe the young players who have made an impact during the ban will now see their progress stall.

“I don’t think it is a concern at all, because they’re here to stay – I truly believe that,” Lampard said.

“I believe in the quality of all the young players here. I want them all to get better and they will improve, for sure, because of their ages and where they are with their development.

“But as we move forward and we want to improve the squad it will be done with a view to ‘what do we have and where can we get better?’

“If anything, those kind of challenges for the young players should be ones that they stand up to.

The likes of Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount have impressed

“If the squad keeps moving in the right direction and if we do keep bringing players in then that should be one where they go ‘OK, I want to show the player that I am’.

“Knowing them as players and personalities, they’ve all got that.”

Lampard is expected to add to his squad during next month’s transfer window but has suggested there will not be a huge influx of new players.

“I’m very calm about this window. I know what the squad is and we feel very together within the dressing room,” said Lampard, whose side beat Lille on Tuesday evening to clinch a place in the knockout stage of the Champions League.

“If business is there to be done and it feels like it’s right for the club then it’s a conversation between me and upstairs and we may look at it.

“I believe in what we’ve got now and I don’t think we’re going to be crazy just because the ban has been lifted.”

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