Discover Betpack and find the best bookmakers online

Betpack’s Business Model

Whether you enjoy watching football or any other sport, you may have discovered that betting online makes the experience more fun. However, finding a trustworthy online betting site can be hard these days. Thankfully, sites such as Betpack allow you to find newly licensed UK bookmakers.

Still, you may wonder how these websites work and how they make money by simply referencing other websites. Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we’re going to explain to you today, so you can find the best place to bet on upcoming soccer games.

What is Betpack?

Betpack is a website that lists every UK-licensed bookmaker available and details them. The site is constantly updated to show you the latest licensed bookmakers, which often offer the best odds and promotions. We believe it’s an excellent idea to keep this kind of site bookmarked to bet on your favourite teams, especially during the World Cup, which is about to get even more intense now that the qualifications are over.

How Does Betpack Make Money?

Betpack is an affiliate website. This means that the owners of the site may earn a commission when you register on a bookmaker site by clicking one of their links. The commission rate depends entirely on the deal between Betpack and the bookmaker, but it can also depend on what the player does. 

The affiliate will not earn a dime if you click a link but don’t follow through with the registration and deposit processes. This doesn’t impact your bonus amount, and the affiliate will not take any money away from you. It’s similar to club promoters, who are paid to get people in a club; they don’t directly make money off the customers. They’re paid afterwards depending on the benefits made by the club.

What You Can Find With Betpack

Betpack offers a complete filtering system, allowing you to find the bookmaker that suits your needs best. Here are the different filtering options available at your disposal.

Bookmaker Type

The site lets you look for different types of bookmakers, and you can search for crypto bookmakers, new bookmakers, horse racing, esports, or virtual sports betting bookmakers. Additionally, the site features a section showing their most trusted online betting sites.

Extra Features

If you want your bookmaker to have specific features, you can find sites offering bonuses, tournaments, mobile apps, cash-outs, live-streaming, or even VIP programmes. With this, you’re sure to find the bookmaker with the features you want to see.

Bonus Type & Value

If you’re looking to get started with the most generous bonuses, you can also browse the bookmakers by the types and values of bonuses offered. It’s especially handy if you want to find a bonus that will not blow your bankroll. There’s also a filter to find the wagering requirements you’re comfortable with.

Payment Methods

Another crucial element is the payment method because even if the bookmaker you’ve found offers everything you want, if you can’t deposit it, there’s really no point. This is why the site lets you find bookmakers accepting your favourite payment method.

Other Filters

Betpack is also handy if you want to check a bookmaker’s reputation with the rating system. Moreover, there are filters for support language, licensing, and the betting pieces of software used.

How Does Betpack Rate Bookmakers?

Even though it’s an affiliate website, Betpack still does the leg work for you and checks every essential aspect of the site (it’s apparent because some sites are rated as very bad). The first thing they do when a newly licensed bookmaker appears is analyse the operator’s licensing, security credentials, and the website’s safety protocols.

Then, the team registers an account and deposits real money. This allows them to learn more about the site and see if they can actually enjoy a pleasing experience as advertised by the bookmaker.

Finally, Betpack will try to place bets and withdraw money to ensure that the online bookmaker plays fair. It’s vital, as even licensed bookmakers can sometimes have a hard time paying bettors, especially when they’re new and still figuring out the market, for example. After this whole process is done, the review team will give their rating and reference the site if it’s worthy of your time.

Find The Best Bookmakers Online

The world of online betting is a complex world where every bookmaker is trying to lure you to their site. However, having a guide through all the confusing information is essential, and Betpack provides just that. So, if you don’t know where to get started, using Betpack is an excellent choice to find the bookmakers that will offer the best promotions and anything you need.