Christian Pulisic’s Impact on the Premier League: What’s Next?

Christian Pulisic of Chelsea

Not only has new and progressive play on the field significantly altered the landscape of European football (soccer) in recent years, but the influence of American players in the continent’s best divisions has also increased. The impact of this tectonic shift on the marketing success of European football organizations has been profound. A new era in the worldwide allure of football has begun with the acquisition of players such as Christian Pulisic by illustrious clubs like AC Milan and Chelsea, most notably in the comparatively unexplored American market.

Pulisic has demonstrated marketability, determination, and talent from Pennsylvania to the pinnacle of European football. After demonstrating his value on the field after his high-profile transfer to Chelsea, Pulisic was selected to play a central role in the club’s marketing strategy. His impact transcends the playing field, as evidenced by the influx of American supporters, increased merchandise sales, and the acquisition of profitable sponsorships.

Pulisic: Making his name known

Pulisic’s 2019 transfer from German powerhouses Borussia Dortmund to Chelsea sparked an uproar among football enthusiasts, especially in the United States. His acquisition generated a substantial surge in the club’s merchandise sales and a substantial expansion of its social media presence; his jersey, in particular, became in high demand. The significant increase in American followers on Chelsea’s social media platforms indicated Pulisic’s formidable appeal.

As the sole summer acquisition by Chelsea, Pulisic was immediately thrust into the limelight and subjected to considerable pressure to adjust to Premier League life. However, during the initial months of the season, Frank Lampard facilitated his transition into the fray while acclimating to football and life in a foreign country.

Notwithstanding his remarkable performance in the UEFA Super Cup, it was not until October that his true potential for the team became apparent. Following a strong outing from the bench, Pulisic was promoted to the starting lineup for our match against Burnley. He made an impressive entrance with a flawless hat-trick, including a goal assisted by his feet and head.

In the following two Premier League matches, he scored against Watford and Crystal Palace, and he then assisted the club in scoring its first goal in Europe. As a dependable provider of goals and assists, he appeared to be an established squad member by the end of 2019 as punters flocked to betting sites UK to support his on-pitch statistics in the futures wagering markets. However, a draw with Brighton on New Year’s Day marked his absence until the resumption of football in June.

Despite this, and upon his return, he was arguably the standout performer for Chelsea and the Premier League during the hectic final two months of the season, exhibiting his finest form to date. During that time, he scored five goals and assisted on four others, bringing his totals for his debut season in England to eleven goals and ten assists. He contributed to the Blues’ acceleration in the quest for a top-four finish and a decisive goal in the FA Cup final by allowing openers in their first two games following the resumption.

Regaining his star power

Unfortunately, the season above would be Pulisic’s best as a Premier League star. However, early opinions suggesting he was “overrated” have now revealed that the problem wasn’t with his skills but more so with Chelsea as a club.  

Moving to Italy was a long-awaited conclusion for Pulisic and his close associates, as his time at Chelsea was frequently unsatisfactory and, sometimes, toxic before the season’s conclusion; some Chelsea supporters booed the USA international during his last appearance against Newcastle on the final day of the season at Stamford Bridge and in the subsequent hushed lap of appreciation.

Amidst a summer marked by considerably more significant departures, his early promise will sadly be remembered by a minority of supporters due to inconsistency and plaguing injuries.

With Champions League and Club World Cup winning medals, Pulisic departed London to the Serie A with pleasant personal recollections. Presumably, he still has many years of his career ahead of him. Still, he has not even come close to becoming the transformative superstar and worldwide phenomenon that he and Chelsea had both hoped he could become… 

Or was he? 

Pulisic and AC Milan

Christian Pulisic’s move to AC Milan was genius for all parties. Pulisic, 26, has given the Rossoneri’s front line quickness, accuracy, and much-needed zeal. His December Serie A Player of the Month accolade in such a difficult competition is a testament to his adaptability.

With six goals and five assists in 17 Serie A games, he is close to tying his career high of 13 goals in a season. Milan is a possible Serie A championship challenger, so his ability to generate and convert opportunities is vital. His performance has improved since Chelsea, rejuvenating his career.

Pulisic had five league games in December, scoring two goals and two assists, demonstrating his important playmaking. He demonstrated flexibility by helping AC Milan progress in the Coppa Italia, assisting in their 4-1 win against Cagliari.

Pulisic’s effect transcends statistics. He is Stefano Pioli’s tactical asset due to his intelligence and versatility. Pulisic has helped Milan attack by whirling into action from midfield or setting up teammates for goals.