O’Neil furious after ‘scandalous’ Brentford penalty award

Bournemouth boss Gary O’Neil was left incredulous after what he called a “scandalous” refereeing decision which led to a penalty for Brentford.

Late in the first half, Ivan Toney was dragged down by Bournemouth defender Marcos Senesi, but Toney appeared to have a hold of Senesi’s arm before the latter brought them both to the ground.

O’Neil, believing it should have been a foul for his side, said he expected an apology from referee Jarred Gillet following the penalty decision, which eventually saw Toney give Brentford the lead from the spot.

“The boys didn’t deserve to be 1-0 down. I’ve spoken to the ref and I expect an apology.” O’Neil said.

Brentford went on to win the match 2-0 after Mathias Jensen added a second goal.