Frank says it would take something ‘crazy special’ to leave Brentford

Thomas Frank says he is “very happy” at Brentford and that it would take something “crazy special” to prise him away from the club.

The appointment of Graham Potter at Chelsea has left Brighton without a manager, but Frank insists he has not been contacted about that job.

And the Bees boss, while understanding Potter’s decision to leave Brighton, says it would take something very significant for him to leave his current role.

“Looking from the outside, because I can’t know what Graham was thinking and I might think differently, it’s balancing doing a top job as he was at Brighton, and then your ambitions,” Frank said.

“He had the chance to walk into one of the biggest clubs and see if he could create his magic there too, which I am convinced he will do.

“I am in a position here where I am very happy at Brentford. I am focusing on that every single day.

“So, for me, it would need to be something crazy special. Football is football, but the one thing for sure is that I am very happy.

“There is a lot of unfinished business to do here. I think we have started the season well and there is big potential in the club, so that’s my focus.”

Frank took over at Brentford in October 2018, having previously been assistant under Dean Smith, and guided the club to promotion in 2021 by beating Swansea City in the Championship play-off final.

The 48-year-old did not rule out leaving Brentford at some point in the future, but is also open to staying at the club for many more years to come.

“I think we have something special here and you don’t have to be a big club to create special things,” Frank explained.

“That special feeling is difficult to get in a lot of clubs, so that is very precious.

“What happens in the future? No idea. Put it this way, I think everything is possible; that I am here for 10 years more, and I also don’t think I’m the first coach in the world that would maybe move to another club one day, but maybe I won’t. You never know. One thing for sure is I’m here.

“It was never a personal ambition to be a Premier League coach before I became the head coach. Then I became the head coach here at Brentford.

“Would I like to coach in the Champions League? Yeah, that could be cool to do one time but I can do that by going to Europe, maybe, by taking a team that doesn’t have to play in England. But let’s see. I am here now and very happy.”