Wrexham Could See Investments From Hollywood Stars Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney

Carol Williams the director of the National League Club has said that the North of Wales is very ecstatic by the news that Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, could be investing into the fan owned club Wrexham. It has been a rumour for quite a while, with the star’s social medias not helping at all, as Reynolds has apparently been teasing around the entire question of whether or not this investment will actually go ahead. However, the entire procedure is said to be completely true, with the idea that between the stars, they will be investing £2 million in shares into the fan owned club. 

 The entire talk of this new spontaneous investment has not only got fans excited, but punters across the sport betting sites board, like Sportsbet are excited too! Many of the forums online gambling sites such as these have discussed the possibilities, and if anything, it has caused for great unity between punters, in hope of this spectacular idea being finalised!

 Discussions with the Trust Board members have all come to 97% favour for this investment to go ahead. For this reason, the plan has progressed forward with individuals Reynolds and McElhenney discussing what they actually plan to do with the club across a bigger picture. Of course, before everything is confirmed, the actual plan to see if both actors and club values match up, is vital. Even though Reynolds confirmed his great interest in the Welsh club, the club need to be happy with all the plans and procedures that can come to life from the partnership. It is no doubt that Reynolds is more than capable, due to him having many business activities elsewhere outside of his acting career. He certainly knows a business proposition when he sees one. CNN have often reported on Reynolds business ventures before.

 Things that fans need to keep in mind, while they are anticipating and waiting for the final decision, is that the pandemic and COVID, will of course make everything so much slower in terms of progression with this deal, so although this opportunity is the biggest one the club has seen for a while, everyone will need to be patient, to ensure that the best decision has been agreed upon.

 Wrexham fans and team players hope that such a big opportunity could help them get back into the football league. The last time they climbed into the second division was in 2008, yet due to the financial issues that surround any privately-owned club, they had issues in supporting themselves and getting the right professional opinion and coaching needed. Wrexham has an allegiance of supporters, with many fans coming from the home town of North Wales itself. Having such loyal local support for the club is just as important as getting investments and financial support, as the fans take this club far in terms of strength and team cohesion.

 This takeover deal is due to go through yet another vote within the Trust Board, however the Director Spenser Harris is hopeful of a relationship being formed with the Hollywood stars, it will be just a matter of time and patience, that is all. With all the positive circulating news on the matter from BBC and other media outlets, many fully expect a very positive progression forward on the matter.