Why Brentford is One of the Best Teams on Premier League

Making its way into the Premier League through the so-called ‘small door,’ Brentford comes as a breath of fresh air in English football’s elite circle in the current season. 

After earning an impressive win over Arsenal and the Wolves and then following it up with creditable draws with Crystal Palace and Aston Villa, Thomas Frank’s spunky new team drew with the mighty Liverpool to grab a precious point. For decades, Brentford has been among London’s least respected sides, and they have been through turbulent times being confined to English football’s lowest rungs. 

Brentford’s promotion to the higher echelons of English football for the first time after 1947 seems all set to be an impressive one. They are here to compete, and Thomas Frank’s side has already shown the results which prove it. Brentford has indeed found an able manager in Thomas Frank, who has been the club’s head coach since 2018. 

He’s the one best suited for a club that likes to think out-of-the-box. Under Frank, Brentford looks all set for more glory. Even Frank has emphasized that Brentford is capable of beating any team. What a passionate trust in your players! 

How They Achieved Success

If you wonder how Brentford made it big, the answer lies in the club finding the right combination of hard work, wise investments, and some innovative thinking—their strongest USP. John Varney, the chief executive, says that Brentford remains “fiercely committed” to taking a different approach. The club won’t think twice about taking calculated risks. 

How did the club get this mindset? It’s the manager, Matthew Benham, a lifelong fan who has imbued the club with this approach to things. He was once a hedge-fund manager, and he made his money through sports gambling. Matthew took over Brentford in 2012, and it’s estimated that he has pumped in as much as 100 million pounds into the club over the last 9 years. Money talks, and the results, as all can see, are coming. 

In 2014, Brentford won promotion from League One, and they made it to the Championship play-offs in the very first season. Despite having one of the smallest budgets in the division, they always were above the 11th spot during Dean Smith, the present Aston Villa manager, and now, Frank’s days at the helm. 

The Breakthrough

Brentford suffered a heartbreaking loss against Fulham in the play-off final in the 2019-20 season. They made it to the top tier the very next season after defeating Swansea at the Wembley Stadium. Considering how the club has lost its best players over the last decade, it has indeed been a remarkable achievement. Ollie Watkins, Neal Maupay, Said Benrahma are some of the players who have used Brentford as a steppingstone to make a mark in English football. Refusing to be cowed down, Brentford earned big money from players like John Egan, Scott Hogan, and Romaine Sawyers, which were reinvested very wisely. 

Varney explains this innovative way of making money. Brentford locates players with potential. The club then develops them and raises their value, helping it earn a profit on them. Making a handsome profit from player trading has been at the core of Brentford’s business plans. It’s not just great coaching that has helped the club find success through this off-beat strategy—it’s been bold decision making and taking calculated risks. 

Closing The Academy

Looking to create what they called “the most effective pathway into the first team of all English clubs,” Brentford became English football’s first major club to close down its academy in 2016 and focus on building a B-team. 

The move drew a lot of criticism, but the club management argued that Brentford would be better off like this. That was innovative thinking again, which helped the club achieve more success. 

Brentford Continues to Impress

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Brentford’s innovative approach is helping the club go places. With the visionary Matthew Benham taking over the reins of the club, things look promising up ahead. Brentford’s unique innovativeness is already showing results, and the club looks certain to make a mark in England football’s elite circle.