Which London team can become the best before the World Cup?

The 2022–2023 Premier League season has begun, and fans everywhere are cheering for their preferred clubs. Before the World Cup in 2022 takes place in Qatar, we would like to make a prediction about which team will come out on top before discussing other things you need to know.

Even though Manchester City will be trying to defend their title and win it all for the fifth time in the last six years, the other Big Six clubs will be hoping to get rid of Pep Guardiola and see a different team rise to the top of the league.

  • Manchester City

Before the World Cup, Manchester City had the best shot at being the best team in our rankings. With Erling Haaland in the lineup, Manchester City is arguably more dangerous than ever. There is little doubt that they will win the Premier League, and they also have a good chance of taking home the FA Cup and the Champions League. City’s new stars, especially Haaland and Phillips, will aid them as they plot another assault on all of the big trophies currently up for grabs. As the most consistent squad in the country, City will once again benefit from this in the league, leading to the club’s eighth Premier League title under Guardiola.

  • Liverpool

Liverpool will enter the 2022/2023 season as one of the best teams in Europe as well as England after narrowly missing out on a historic quadruple last season. There are expectations coming up that they will fight for the competition’s prize against teams such as Bayern Munich and Manchester City in Europe and England respectively, despite the season being interrupted by the World Cup to take place during Winter. There’s no way to know for sure if they’ll be the best London team by then, but we can make educated guesses. Liverpool started the season off right by defeating the defending Premier League champions, Manchester City, 3-1 in the FA Community Shield. With the win, Liverpool claimed their 16th Community Shield and 68th official trophy, both of which set new English records. This demonstrates their level of readiness for the coming season.

  • Arsenal

So far, they have not proven to be a laughing stock this year. They have the most points in the league. So far, they are 5-1 in their last 6 matches with only 1 loss. The Gunners spent a whopping £145 million during the summer transfer window. Both Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko, who was acquired from Manchester City, were among the team’s most significant new additions and showed promise in preseason play. They went undefeated in the preseason, outscoring their opponents 20-4, and they’ll be hoping to carry that momentum into the regular season. Since Arsene Wenger’s departure in 2018, this is the first season in which the Gunners have looked like a formidable team.


These are the three teams who we believe have the highest chance of showing their strength before the World Cup in Qatar, and we will be rooting for them. These teams are currently demonstrating that they have all the rakes necessary to take them to the position they desire and retain the position once they get there. Because the league has promised to take us on an incredible ride, the fans are permitted to watch and predict what will happen.