Which Are The Best Tasting CBD Oils in the UK

CBD oils are everywhere in the UK. From pharmacies to vape stores, CBD oils have become incredibly easy to find. But not all CBD oils are made the same. In fact, there are several ways that CBD oils can differ, having an impact on both their flavor profile and effectiveness.

As a result of the ever-growing CBD market, it can be tricky to find the best CBD oils in the UK that provide rewarding effects and an enjoyable user experience. The difference in terms of effectiveness can be extreme and make a big difference when using CBD for the first time.

To make finding the best CBD oils in the UK a little easier, here are some of the best tasting CBD oils on the UK market.

#1 Provacan Unflavored CBD Oils

Provacan is a UK CBD brand that offers four versions of their popular unflavored full-spectrum CBD oil. All of their oils are made using the same base formula, with the main difference being their CBD concentration. This means that customers can easily switch between the four options as required without worrying about consistency problems.

Provacan aims to keep its CBD oils as simple as possible, using only two ingredients to create each bottle of rich CBD oil. A blend of Olea Europe and full-spectrum hemp plant extract is used. This simple formula results in a pleasing herbal flavor profile.

The full-spectrum CBD used means that all hemp plants’ cannabinoids and terpenes remain in the final product. Hemp terpenes are the main flavor contributor to unflavored CBD oils and create a natural herbal tasting oil.

#2 Elixinol Cinnamint CBD Oil

Elixinol offers a few different flavor options, including their all-natural unflavored oil and their popular cinnamint CBD oil. Elixinol uses a carefully formulated blend of natural ingredients to create a flavor profile that feels like it belongs in an ice cream parlor rather than a health food store.

Naturally extracted coconut oil and hemp oil extract are used to form the core of all of Elixinol’s CBD oils. A blend of peppermint oil and cinnamon oil is then used to give the oils their beautiful cinnamint flavor profile.

Elixinol offers flavored CBD oils in three different strength options, including 300mg, 500mg, and 1,000mg of CBD. All three of these oils are made using the same all-natural ingredients.

#3 Hempura Original CBD Oils

Hempura’s original CBD oil is packed with naturally occurring terpenes that give the oil a delicate herbal taste and aroma. Tempura uses single-source, full-plant spectrum oil, which allows all of the flavor-packed compounds from the plant to be present in the final oil.

All of Hempura’s CBD oils are designed and proudly made in the UK, with ingredients being sourced as locally as possible. Hempura carefully selects the hemp plants used to create their CBD oils, ensuring a rich combination of beneficial terpenes, vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, and phytonutrients.

#4 Hemp Botanics Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

Hemp Botanics’ range of broad-spectrum CBD oils is packed with more than 80 cannabinoids and other beneficial plant compounds. Together, these compounds result in an effective CBD oil and help give each drop of oil a delicious flavor.

By using premium CO2 extraction methods, Hemp Botanics are able to retain all of the plant compounds that matter while also removing those that do not. Broad-spectrum CBD is then blended with organic fractionated coconut oil for a smooth oil with a great taste.

#5 PureKana Flavored CBD Oils

PureKana is one of the best options when shopping for flavored CBD oils in the UK. PureKana has a wide range of flavors and strengths to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect CBD oil. The company offers vanilla, fruity, citrus, and mint CBD oils alongside their natural CBD oil.

PureKana’s flavored oils are made using the same base formula consisting of hemp oil extract and MCT oil. Natural flavorings and terpenes are then added to create PureKana’s range of tasty flavored CBD oils.

PureKana’s commitment to using all-natural ingredients, even in their flavored CBD oils, is one of the things that help them to stand out from the many other CBD oils available in the UK. Another benefit of choosing PureKana is that they source all hemp plants from the valleys of Kentucky, an area known for its premium hemp plants.