What is different about an online live casino?

Would you like to try something different from the usual online casinos? Maybe playing at a live online casino might give you a novel experience. Live online casinos offer a more authentic experience with an actual person dealer, just like in a land casino. Top gambling fans at Casinoble say that a live casino offers the best aspects of both online and land casinos. 

There is the convenience and variety of an online casino. It also has the social engagement and interaction of a land casino. It may partly explain the rising popularity of online live casinos. 

What is an Online Live Casino?

In a land casino, you sit across the croupier (dealer) and make your moves against the dealer or other players. In an online live casino, you play in the same format, with real people, only that you are doing it over the internet. The dealer sits Infront of a high-definition camera and deals using the usual game rules. The system is equipped with both video and audio from all players and the dealer. The overall effect is very much like you are in a land casino.

The difference between a conventional online casino and a live online casino is that the conventional one uses a Random Number Generator (RNG), while a live one uses a real person. An RNG is an Artificial Intelligence system programmed  to play a casino game.  

Everything else is just as in a conventional casino except for the gameplay. You can access the casino on your computer or mobile browser, or a mobile app. You can see the other players’ moves if you are playing a game like Texas Hold ‘em.  

Most online casinos offer both playing formats such that you can easily switch if you need a change in playing experience. 

What Games Are Available in an Online Live Casino?

This playing format favors games with a dealer which are almost all table games. These games include:

  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat 
  • Texas Hold ‘em poker 
  • Roulette 
  • Dragon Tiger 

Poker variants are very popular in these casinos. All the usual game rules apply in online live poker, including those of variants.

Higher Wins 

Beating today’s online casino AI is very hard. These systems have algorithms that can learn on the fly and adapt (machine learning). A machine can analyze hundreds of scenarios in a poker game in a flash while you are still struggling. But in an online live casino, you are playing against a real person with the same limitations you have. It is possible to beat a human dealer more often than a machine. 

Social Interaction 

Although you can see and chat with fellow players in the conventional online casinos, the level of social interaction is  very muted. It is easy to feel like the playing experience is too mechanical. It is more so if you are playing slots. 

An online live casino maintains a human touch, albeit remotely. You will enjoy the banter with the dealer just like you would in a weekend evening game at your local land casino. Unlike a machine, the dealer does not pressure you to play. You can play in a more thoughtful way.  

Best of all, you will match your wits against the dealer’s and other players. This battle of wits comes with a mix of emotions, thrill and rush just like you would feel sitting at a poker table. But there is an advantage in convenience. You can play in the world’s best casinos from across the world. You can also access your favorite games 24/7. 

Online live casinos are adding a bit of flair to online casinos. With improving tech in Virtual reality and Augmented Reality, online live gaming experience will become even more engaging and exciting.