West London Football Greatest Hits

West London has a rich football history. A few very famous, actually world-famous clubs originated in West London, and they had a very interesting rise. So, we’re going to outline a few of their greatest hits.

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  1. Chelsea

In Fulham, March 10, 1905, the current name of the pub is The Butcher’s Hook, but it used to be The Rising Sun, the Chelsea club was founded. At their early stage, the club wasn’t very successful, but they changed their luck during their existence. Let’s look at the highlights:

    • First league title: They won their first league while managed by Ted Drake, in 1954-1955. That’s when the club was first put on the map of English football.
  • FA Cup double: They won the FA Cup and the English Premier League while Carlo Ancelotti managed them. This was during the 2009-2010 season.
  • UEFA Champions League: The club made history when they won the UEFA Champions League in 2011-2012 by securing a win against Bayern Munich in the final in the penalty shootout. Drogba evened out the result and secured the win in the shootout.
  • English Premier League: They won the title in the Premier League in the 2016-2017 season while under the management of Antonio Conte. With Conte’s strategy, they had a winning streak of 13 matches.
  1. Fulham FC

The club was founded in 1879 as a part of St. Andrew’s Church Sunday school. In 1887, the club won the West London Amateur Cup, and in 1893 the West London League. This was their first attempt in the league. Here are their highlights:

  • Premier League: The club got promoted to the Premier League during the 2000-2001 season. This was a great achievement because they were promoted to the top flight, and they hadn’t been in that rank for 33 years.
  • 2007-2008 season survival: This is something that most football fans around the world call “The Great Escape” because they managed to secure their status in the Premier League for the next season with an amazing comeback by winning against Machester City, Portsmouth, and Birmingham City.
  • UEFA Europa League: In 2009-20010 UEFA Europa League, they reached the final and they were up against Atletico Madrid. Unfortunately, they lost in extra time with the score 2-1.
  • Won against Juventus: The greatest hit ever was in the Europa League in the quarter-final of 2010 where they beat Juventus 4-1. The victory was a testament to their achievements and talent.
  1. Queens Park Rangers

The club Queens Park Rangers was founded in 1882. The first name of the club was Christchurch Rangers. They won the West London League in 1998-1999, and they were elected in 1920 to the Football League. Here are their highlights:

  • League Cup: They won the final of the 1967 League Cup. West Bromwich Albion was the opponent, and QPR defeated them in the final 3-2 being the score. That was the first significant trophy in the history of the club.
  • Europe campaigns: The club played in several UEFA Cup campaigns, and they made it to the quarter-finals in the season 1976-1977. At that point, they’ve proven their competitive trait to the continent.
  • FA Cup: The club played in the final against Tottenham Hotspur in 1982. Although they hadn’t won, their journey to the final was a highlight for the club.
  • Premier League: QPR won the Championship play-off final and they returned to the top flight after 15 years of absence by defeating Derby County in 2010. This secured their place in the 2011-2012 season.
  1. Brentford

The club was founded in 1889. Brentford is a club that’s taken an innovative step towards scouting. They identify talented players by using data analytics and methodologies and they’re moving up in the ranks because of that strategy:

  • First Division: In the season of 1934-1935, Brentford got a promotion to the First Division, i.e. the Premier League. At that point, they became one of the top-tier clubs in English football.
  • Great Escape: They survived on the season’s final day, it was a famous “Great Escape”, a win against Peterborough United.
  • League One: They won the title in 2008-2009, the League One title. They finished on top of the table against their rivals. They were promoted to the Football League Championship.
  • Play-off Final: In 2021, there was stiff competition but Brentford reached the play-off final in the Championship. They defeated Swansea City and won a promotion to the Premier League.


These are all very notable clubs, and in case you want to become a huge fan, take your pick from West London, they’re game, and they win big games.