They are back – Chelsea boots

Chelsea FC players have different taste and preference over their football boots. They have several football boot brands such as Adidas, Puma, New Balance, and Nike being the most popular. Football boots models range from phantom V, mercurial, Tiempo, visa, predator and magistrate, among others. There is a reason why these football boots are the players’ top choice and here is they are back

1. Lightweight speed

In the football footwear market trends, shoes are getting lighter to allow players to attain maximum speed as well as flexibility. Lightfast boot range has its benefits and qualities. One model that is among Chelsea star players is a mercurial vapor model. Any midfield player would be lucky to have this pair. They are calm and will enable a player to have pure acceleration from the beginning of the game to the end. If you need to have a quick cutting movement which involves keeping the ball off your opponent, you require footwear that works and feels like an extension of your feet. These boots should have an internal cage of the soft material of an external thermoplastic supporting structure around the heels and the arch. These feature has enabled star plays like Eden Hazard prefer lightweight speed shoes. His impressive play has also made him famous among punters across various betting poker sites.

2. Prevent injury

Apart from buying a classy football shoe, purchase one that has extra cushioning. Getting shoes with a heel lift that will help hold your foot into position to prevent injury to the heels. Boots with ankle sock are of assistance; they work by improving proprioception. The ankle sock should become firm around the ankle to help the human body know when the foot is rolling over so that the muscles can be fired to protect the ankle before any injury happens. That’s why we have seen star players with either mercurial superfly or magista obra.

3. Material

Manufacturers are on toes to make new boots which are driven by technology. They incorporate useful features that form part of a right kick. Players prefer synthetic material over leather as it hardly gets saturated with water when one is playing on a wet field.

The sole design is different for major manufacturers. They range from the hard ground, soft ground to turf or indoor. Players have different shoe for each playing field. While looking at boots used in solid grounds, we see they have a more significant number of smaller studs. Soft ground soles are made with the same material as a pair of runners. Other boots have thinner soles to reduce their weight. They’re okay on quiet grounds, but when used on harder grounds it can result in bruising injuries as well as stress fractures.


Selecting good footwear before a football game is very crucial. This is why world-renowned players have specific footwears that they identify with. Are you a goalkeeper, a midfielder, a striker or defender with no idea of which shoe to wear? You can check on Chelsea football wear line-up and see if you can notice one that will work for you! The line-up is also crucial for gamblers who are using various poker sites to place their stake.