These are the best sports video games of all time

As the video game industry continues to propel itself into unprecedented levels of popularity, more and more genres are being released to suit the tastes of video game fans across the globe. From niche genres like survival horror to incredibly popular first person shooters, racing games like the NDS version of Mario kart, and casino style games like those at House of Fun, the industry is constantly innovating to create novel experiences while bringing new dimensions to existing fan favorites.

That said, of all the video game genres out there, sports is one that has amassed an incredible number of loyal fans that don’t appear to have been tempted to switch. So much so that other genres have been influenced by sports. Look at the MOBA genre for example. With the biggest title being League of Legends (LoL). In the professional scene, they have taken ideas from traditional sports like having LoL Coaching and similar team setups. Sports videos games have made a huge impact to the video game industry. Thanks to the enormous variety in titles on offer, which can provide hours of enjoyment for followers of almost every sport, these games have become some of the most well renowned in the industry’s history. Here are 3 of the most impressive sports titles to have ever been released.


As not only one of the first sports titles but in fact, one of the first video games ever to be released, Pong is definitely worthy of a place on this list. The virtual table tennis game rocketed to success in 1972. After being released in arcades, a home edition was created which saw it shoot to even greater levels of stardom. It’s creation had a profound effect on sports-based gameplay inspiring countless titles we still enjoy today. What’s more, the in-house edition of the game paved the way for developers to create more games playable from the comfort of your home.

Wii Sports

The Nintendo Wii marks a pivotal point in the timeline of at home virtual reality gaming thanks to the revolutionary controller which saw players incorporate more dynamic movements into gameplay for the first time. Wii Sports allowed players to hold more control over the movement of their avatars and propelled gaming to an entirely new physical level. What’s more, as the game offered five different sports, boxing, bowling, golf, tennis and baseball, it appealed to players with a variety of sporting interests. As well as allowing gamers to compete against each other, making the Wii a more sociable gaming experience, it also banished the notion that gaming is primarily for younger players and appealed to every generation.

The FIFA franchise

There are only a handful of video games which have become as popular as the FIFA franchise since it was first introduced back in 1993. It offers gamers the chance to play through their favorite teams and players, with millions of fans jumping at the chance to emulate their heroes. What’s more, Fifa provides gamers with an almost infinite number of playing options thanks to the sheer number of players, leagues and teams available to compete with and against. Finally, FIFA’s ability to adapt to wider technological advancements is another reason it’s managed to retain its popularity. Taking gameplay online meant football fans could log on and battle it out using their favorite teams against other players around the world. That’s all in addition to incredible graphics, modes of play and a killer soundtrack.