The Life of a Gambling Professional

There are benefits to working in gambling. You get to work at what you love, make your hours, and get to know many intriguing people. However, it lacks glamour. We are willing to wager that you enjoy gambling-related items if you are reading this. Overall, scarcely anyone on Earth has ever placed a wager in the best slots online with up to 100 free spins with no deposit required, not even during a silly game. Others take it a step further and make it into a career, just as serious as that of a marketing director, a business owner, etc. Professional gamblers in the real world are extremely different. While some may become famous and wealthy to some extent, most are just regular people trying to make ends meet. Their special skill set and gambling method in general, on gaming sites and casinos, are what distinguishes them.

We are accustomed to believing that chance dictates the result of most bets, but if you want to be successful, you must discover a strategy to lessen its impact. Even when playing for actual cash at some of the best wagering or a land-based casino, some seasoned bettors state that the toughest part of the job is “not trusting your gut sense.” Some of the factors that make wagering enjoyable must be given up. How does a professional gamer live their life? Since we have much experience in the field, please enable us to present several of our discoveries.

  • In front of a computer screen for extended periods;
  • Tax forms must be filed;
  • A lot of overtime for variable compensation.

You’ll Be Looking at a Computer Screen for Extended Periods

Gambling is more than just visiting opulent Las Vegas casinos or spending time in seedy Bronx basements. Many professional poker gamers rely on winning at casinos to support themselves. Chris Moneymaker is a good illustration. He spent several years honing his talents online at PokerStars before winning the 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP) and earning the hearts of poker enthusiasts all over America. 

And he’d be the first to admit that some of the top poker players in the world have never had their names in the news. Even though professional blackjack gamers are more inclined to devote their evenings to the neighbourhood casino, a significant fraction also spends most of their time working online. That is partly because gambling sites provide higher bonuses and smaller house edges than traditional casinos, making them a better financial gamble.

Tax Forms Must Be Filed by Professional Gamblers

In the US, unlike in other nations like Canada, the UK, and Germany, gambling profits are regarded as generated income and are subsequently taxable. When you leave a land-based casino after winning, the casino will deduct your tax payments from your earnings. Taxes are also withheld from paychecks at American internet casinos. The bad news is that the rate is an unacceptably high 27%. The best part is that your contribution won’t change as your winnings grow because it is a flat rate. Your money relies on you in more aspects than one, so that must give you even more motivation to improve. Punters can also partially offset their overall tax liability with their losses. As long as your winnings continue to outweigh your losses, the more you bet, the lower your tax liability will be.

You’ll Work a Lot of Overtime for Variable Compensation

Leaving your day job to become a professional gamer may still be the best action for you if you are already making more than $60,000 while putting in a manageable 40 hours per week. Just keep in mind that you’re not doing it for financial gain. The existence of a professional gamer is precarious financially. You arrive at work, complete the necessary tasks, and leave to go home. Only winnings are handed out to gamblers. There is a lot of pressure to provide your best effort every day. Pro bettors spend a lot of time at home developing their abilities to succeed. Imagine it being similar to playing basketball professionally. You are paid to work from 7 to 9 every night, but if you don’t rehearse diligently and on time, you won’t succeed. Gamblers make much less money each hour than the majority of people assume. 

Consider the following example if you’re a card counter gaming blackjack at a $20 minimum table. Thanks to your aptitude at counting, you have a 1% advantage over the house. Your typical stake is $30 since you sometimes place a larger stake due to counting. You will risk $1,800 each hour if you play 60 hands per hour (the normal pace for a table with three players). You should logically anticipate gaining $18 in that hour of play at a 1% edge. Not quite amazing, is it? Naturally, placing larger bets increases your chance of winning, but it also increases your chance of losing.

What Games Are Best for Professional Wagering?

Honestly, the solution to it is simple. No game of chance is indeed appropriate for a professional player. Pushing an RNG slot machine button or snatching up the most recent Paddy Power promo codes won’t help you build a career. However, you can look at the example when Hamiota man took home a 10m jackpot. Therefore, the natural solution is skill games. It takes a lot of knowledge, calculations, practice, and talent to be a skilled gamer.

Such individuals depend on their performance on the court and winning a portion of the tournament prize pools in the best slots online. Finding a sponsor may also help you have adequate free time for practice since this can be equated to being a tennis player.

How Is Betting a Job if You’re an Expert?

A professional gamer will most likely encounter this query during his career. Being forced to work alongside your grandmother makes it an extra strange line of employment. Being a professional bettor, though, could begin to look less appealing in an age where playing video games is quickly becoming one of the best-paid careers, owing to eSports. Once more, it has little in do with the relaxed way of life of the high rollers you would see in movies. Most professional gamblers devote eight hours a day to either honing their techniques or conducting research.

A Professional Gambler’s Life and Personality

You probably think of gambling when “going with the flow” and “trusting your intuition.” However, most of those who make betting their full-time job hold an entirely different perspective. The most highly valued individual qualities in this sector are:

  • Great analytical and research abilities;
  • The capacity to remain calm under pressure;
  • Effective time management.

Overall, exercising emotional self-control is among the most crucial elements.