The Key Elements to Learn from Fulham

Any football team seeks to improve general performance as they prepare for the next season. It requires a positive playing style, excellent football infrastructure, investment in young players to increase their fan base. The year looked promising for Fulham when it won 2018 championship playoffs. However, Fulham had seen things go wrong, especially when their relegation had been on the table. Below are key elements to learn from Fulham’s recent plays if one doesn’t want a replica of their situation in the next season:

Rotating defence too much

To some, it may hardly cross their mind that chemistry is something that any football team should have. However, we can learn this element from Fulham, on how vital it is. During their 33 games this Premier League season, Fulham had 20 different defense line-ups with their three managers as well as goalkeepers. The team regularly switched between back threes, back fours as well as back fives.

It nearly took 12 games into the season for the Cottages to name the same backline in consecutive matches. It’s tough to call the same team in the whole season as a result of injuries or teammates needing rest. However, 20 different defensive line ups in 33 games are too much. Looking at this we can say that, a hard time for cohesion as it was also fighting relegation. If you don’t ensure your team has a good rapport, the result will be losing to the opponent team.

Fulham’s defensive shortcomings have marred their season so far. [Picture: John Walton/PA Wire]

Crazy transfers in the summer

One element that football teams should learn from Fulham is avoiding too many transfers in the summer. The team had 12 new footballers some being permanent while others on loan. Seven permanent moves cost the Cottages over 100 million euros which ranged from 30 million euros for Jean Michael Seri and Maxine Le Marchand to 5 million for Fabri. This came back to bite them. They had the pressure from fans and the board to prove the money didn’t go to waste. Jovanovich tried to confirm but there was no cohesion on the pitch.

It’s essential that a team has a frugal with their sign-ups during the transfer window to enable them to push for a spot in the Europa league.


Ryan Sessegnon was an excellent pick for Fulham’s left position. However, he underperformed in the Premier League. He wasn’t outstanding in the championship. This happened as a result of lack of enough time on the pitch to improve himself. When Ranieri denied him a chance, it led to his underdevelopment at a critical time in his career. Ryan’s average minute went from 76.42 per game to 46.85 per game upon switching of managers. This was not looking pleasant for punters who used sites such as login sbobet to bet on Sessegnon to have an excellent performance. This was a regression that could come back to bite Fulham shortly. Other teams ought to learn from this crucial mistake element.


These fundamental elements cost Fulham several chances of surpassing their opponents in the premier league season. Punters who used sites such as login sbobet to bet on it weren’t lucky either. However, if other teams learn from Fulham’s mistake, they are sure to emerge victorious in the next season.